UCB Media Asia

UCB Media Asia is committed to bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to all of Asia where 85% of all unreached people live.  Our special giftedness lies in the field of media and in our willingness to network with those who also have a burden for Christian media outreach to Asia. We provide training, technical support, affiliation and a fellowship for those who are called into this challenging and often lonely ministry.   Historically, the nations of Asia have been difficult to reach. However, because of the development of technology for media missions and the change in the laws of many nations regarding Christian involvement in broadcasting, we have an amazing opportunity before us to deliver the gospel in a way that is easy to understand and still has the power of the Holy Spirit’s anointing behind it.  With mobile device media as the emerging focus for media we can put evangelistic, discipleship and encouragement in the hands of anyone who owns a cell phone.

In the last six years, UCB supported strategic media development in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

To learn about the ministries UCB Media Asia has helped launch, click below:
The Philippines: The Edge (FM radio, print & online publishing, training, events)
Indonesia: U-Channel (television)
Thailand: MediaLight (training)
Myanmar: The Word 4U Today (print publishing)