UCB International

United Christian Broadcasters is a family of affiliated Christian Media Ministries with a common vision of communicating the Gospel message around the world. UCB is unique because all our Affiliates are autonomous but they work together as a united group with shared goals.

“This is God reaching people through people. His love, once born in our hearts, reaches out to others. It’s the desire of people who have found Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, reaching out to other people in these lands to tell them the Good News that Jesus saves.”
- Richard Berry, UCB Founder

Our commitment is to develop professional Christian media which meets people’s needs and competes strongly in the media market place. We achieve this by offering individual training, workshops and conferences. Our conferences provide an excellent platform for learning and sharing experiences, and gives affiliates the opportunity to meet each other and network face to face. Staying in contact with such diverse groups separated by location, culture, and even language, is a challenge, but bringing people together strengthens their ties with the UCB family.

United Christian Broadcasters International is the corporate body that links affiliated Christian broadcasting organizations and ministries together throughout the world. Some of these groups have been founded by UCB, others are linked through joint ventures. All groups are autonomous, working together willingly with UCB International, with a common vision and goal to share the Gospel message.

Outside Asia, UCB is present in the following areas: