From Hal Short – UCB President


Hal ShortWhen God plants vision in a person’s heart it seems that most times He only tells them enough to excite them, definitely never too much, lest they become discouraged and never start.

These ministries were birthed through God placing a vision in the hearts of men and women who were prepared to trust Him and believe Him for the next step ahead.

The outworking of that call, through every day challenges, isn’t always easy. But if faith was easy it wouldn’t be faith. It’s about ordinary people who serve an extra-ordinary God, knowing what He begins, He sustains to completion. There is a very real awareness amongst these ministries that without God we would not be broadcasting anywhere today.

So every time we see a life touched, or a soul won to Christ, we know that all the honour, glory, and praise for the good works belong to our Heavenly Father.

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Hal Short