The Philippines

Because the average age in the Philippines is 22, it’s no surprise that ‘MTV Culture’ has seeped into the Filipino lifestyle. But contemporary Christian music is also slowly gaining a foothold in the mainstream music industry. And The Edge/ UCB Media Philippines is leading the way!

The Edge Philippines is a non-stock, non-profit corporation that seeks to engageinvest in and inspire Filipino youth and young adults to change for good, through relevant media-related activities. Our mission is a sustained values-oriented initiative that’s all about reshaping the hearts and minds of the Filipino young to hope against hope.

Redeem The Airwaves! That’s the heart and cry of The Edge. We’re moving to shape our cultural norms with God’s. We’re ready for miracles, changed lives and a spiritual revolution. With 84 million people, the Philippines is a big audience… but The Edge has an even bigger message to share!

We broadcast positive, contemporary music 24/7 through a nationwide satellite-fed radio stream and a network of local radio stations across the Philippines. We set up catalytic events bringing change to individuals, schools and communities. We produce positive Christian media that captures the attention of young Filipinos in the formational years of their lives. We train the next generation of Filipino media missionaries to Redeem the Airwaves and our nation. We connect churches, ministries and international organizations as a unifying hub of communication and networking.