UCB Indonesia is one of the newest UCB family members and already we have U Channel – Christian television, 24 hours a day, with the potential to reach millions who have satellite TV.  Based in the bustling cosmopolitan city that is Jakarta, this work is growing by the day.

U-Channel is a family lifestyle channel launched as a result of a partnership between UCB International and World Harvest. U Channel is part of World Harvest’s mission of “impacting the world through creative media services.” U Channel airs a mixture of English and Indonesian language programming. U Channel invites its audience to enjoy a new breed of international Christian Programming, including cutting-edge programs for young professionals, teenagers, family and children. In Indonesia, enjoy U Channel on Indovision channel 69.

UCB International is the corporate body that links affiliated Christian broadcasting organizations and ministries together throughout the world. Some of these groups have been founded by UCB, others are linked through joint ventures. All groups are autonomous, working together willingly with UCB International, with a common vision and goal to share the Gospel message.

UCB Indonesia is looking to build relationship with people who have a heart for Christian radio in this huge country. Indonesia has millions of people who now have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ. UCB Indonesia is committed to reaching these people.